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Everyone is welcome to participate in offers and courses at Haus der Familie.

During the last few years we have developed special offers for migrants. The cooperation is enjoyed by everyone who takes part, some of the migrants are even organising offers themselves now.

Native Speaker Playgroups

Several native speaker playgroups take place on a weekly basis.

You want to establish a playgroup in your native language? Just get in touch with us!

International Get-togethers

There are several international get-togethers for women and children. This is where people with different language backgrounds meet. Just come by and check it out!

wellcome for families with migrant backgrounds

The wellcome project supports young families. Our voluntary workers visit you at home. We support you in your everyday chores such as cooking, cleaning and caring for your children. Our wellcome worker accompanies you on visits to the paediatrican, shopping trips, they can play with the siblings or just listen. You can also simply take a rest while they are there. Click this link to find more information about the wellcome-project.

Parent support for newly arrived families in Bad Cannstatt

We inform you on offers for children and families in Bad Cannstatt and help you with questions regarding the daily family life.

  • Looking for a day-care centre and school enrolment
  • Accompanying you to parent-teacher conferences, informative meetings or consultations at schools and kindergarten
  • Accompanying you to advisory services
  • Help with filling out forms
  • Help getting in contact with sports clubs, music schools, leisure activity offers
  • Information on the Bonuscard and FamilienCard
  • Help with applications for educational and participational benefits
  • Support with learning German
  • Many open services and activities in our house
  • Space and time for exchange and meeting other parents and children

We look forward to supporting and accompanying you – so your children are happy in Bad Cannstatt.

Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ):

Do all offers come with a fee?

No – there are open offers free of charge and we also provide offers for a small fee.

Do I have to pay the fee at once?

Generally, yes. Paying by instalments can only be allowed in agreement with account staff members.

How do I pay?

Payments should be made by direct debit before the course starts. Cash transfers or cash payments can only be allowed in agreement with account staff members.

How can I enrol?

Online via our homepage, by phone, by mail, by email or in person.

Can I visit the course locations in a wheelchair?

Our headquarters at Elwertstraße 4 in Bad Cannstatt are accessible by wheelchair, however, this is not the case for all other locations. Therefore, we advise you to call beforehand. We will always try to make your participation in courses possible.

Who can I ask for information when I am at Haus der Familie?

You can turn to Mrs. Marinkovic at our Infopoint located on the ground floor. Frau Marinkovic is happy to answer all your questions. There are many staff members at our house who can speak various languages. Most of the times, someone can help with translating.

Which courses are suitable for my needs?

Our offers are open to everyone who is interested. You have a question? Our administration staff members will help you on the phone, in person or in writing.